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Web Design

As a subset of web development, we design web page layouts, web content for companies, individuals and public figures. We...

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Web Development

Some businesses run online and hence are required to have a fully functioning website. We pride ourselves on creating the...

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Human Resource Software

Our Human Resource Software makes work easier for HR Managers. Our system works in Real Time. Employee activities can be...

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Cloud Accounting Software

Our Accounting Software was created to feel a void. The void being inaccessibility of your financial records when you are...

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Payroll System

Traditional (manual systems) methods of paying your staff are prone to alot of error. Achi’s Payroll System leaves no space...

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Achi CRM Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software basically manages interactions and relationships with customers and potential customers and/or clients. Unlike our ERP ...

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Our Work

We have one of the best design oriented team in the country. We take full pride in delivering expected results.


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